About Accelerated Designs

Accelerated Designs is a small EDA and PCB Design Service company with a library tool (Ultra Librarian) that can be tailored to fit the needs of an individual or an enterprise and an existing library of over 7.2 million parts that can be ported to any CAD tool with 82% having 3-D STEP models. Accelerated Designs was established in January of 2000 in Huntsville, Alabama. The founder has over 35 years of experience in the PCB design arena and has spent much of that time creating innovative ways to serve the PCB community and revolutionize library creation. As a company, Accelerated Designs has invested over 15 man years in developing the Ultra Librarian tool. One of the things that makes the Ultra Librarian and its’ associated part library is that is ASCII-based and EDA-independent. The Ultra Librarian uses the concept of templates to create parts, which increases speed and improve accuracy and allows global changes to be made to an existing CAD library. Accelerated Designs also offers part creation services, library development services, and associated support services. We have developed several handy in-house tools, such as library translation capability, a circuit placement/replicator tool, documentation assistant and a logo importer.

Accelerated Designs is dedicated to working SMARTER, not HARDER. We specialize in finding ways to automate library creation processes in the simplest way possible to save you and your company time and money.

The Accelerated Designs Mission Statement:

To provide Vendors\Distributors, Electronic Manufacturers and Electronic Engineers with a one-stop source of data for all CAD Design, simulation, 3D Models and other engineering data in a form that allows them to customize the data to meet their own Company requirements and the requirements of their customers.

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