The Ultra Librarian Authoring tool (Gold version) allows you to create components, symbols and footprints and then collect them into a binary file that can be distributed to users of the free version of the tool.  Your target audience will not be able to modify the libraries created (at least until the data is in their CAD tool).  However the authoring tool can take advantage of all of our core features, such as template driven part creation for consistency and accuracy and customized templates for building EXACTLY what you want. In addition the authoring tool allow you to collect data from unique sources like PSPICE models, IBIS models and various ASCII and CSV formats.  At an additional price the tool is capable of reading existing libraries in several different CAD formats. This is the tool that collected over 7.2 million parts for our company, 82% with 3-D STEP models.   Speed and accuracy of data is a key to creating libraries of this size.  Why not contact us for a test drive?


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