Benefits of Upgrading your Ultra Librarian Free Reader

The Ultra Librarian Reader program is a subset of our Ultra Librarian tool. It will only allow you to read a binary file that has already been created by the Ultra Librarian, and will allow you to export it to one or many CAD tool sets. However, by upgrading your software, you will unlock the ability to:
  • Author your own footprints, symbols and components.
  • Create components using your own company or industry standards.
  • Have better access to our 7.2 million pre-authored components – 10x more than available through our free reader!
  • Export multiple components at one time. It is possible to export an entire manufacturers’ set of part numbers at once.
  • Distribute your own authored parts to users of the free reader.
  • Access over 50,000 pre-authored footprints.
  • Enable macros and user-defined scripting programs for automation purposes.
The Free Reader is limited in its abilities:
  • It cannot create new footprints or symbols.
  • It is not able to read multiple file types like .XML, .IBIS, and .PDF.
  • Will only allow you to export footprints and symbols to the standard they were set to by the distributor of the Vendor Neutral File (VNF).
  • The ability to build parts to a custom standard is locked out of this version, but is available in upgraded versions.
The Ultra Librarian has several different options to choose from when upgrading, ranging from individual solutions to enterprise-wide authoring tools. View our comparison chart or pricing page to see your available choices. Visit our Comparison Chart page to see your available options. Visit our Pricing page to view upgrade pricing packages.
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