CAD Vendors

Now CAD vendors can use the Ultra Librarian software as a plug-in to their tool, offering their users access to our libraries and building techniques in a seamless development environment. Your users will have access to our database of over 7.2 million parts (82% offering dynamically created 3D STEP models!), but will never have to leave your software in order to receive them! These components can be programmatically modified to meet your CAD tool’s specifications as well. The plug-in includes the ability to gather parametric data from Digikey, Mouser, and Farnell-Newark. It also includes the ability to search for single part numbers or a list of parts on our site. The user can also search for a similar part and or return multiple parts to your CAD tool in an ASCII format. It automatically collects data for providing quotes for any new parts your end users require – they can request those parts to be purchased and sent directly to them, or request that they be added to our growing library for free. The plug-in can display images of downloaded footprints and symbols. 3D models can also be downloaded through the plug-in. CAD Plug-in capabilities can be licensed on a yearly basis for a set fee, or set up as a royalty program. Email us at or call us today for details (256-858-8568). If you would like to see the Ultra Librarian become seamlessly integrated with your favorite CAD tool, invite your CAD vendor to contact us!


A view of our database search.


Our online ordering system for requested parts.

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