3D CAD Library Creation For PCB Component Manufacturers

How would you like to provide your customers and prospects with enhanced schematic symbols and footprints that include dynamic 3D models of your IC devices in their native EDA CAD format? This could save them days or weeks in their Time to Market.

Good News: Accelerated Designs has enhanced their component library offerings to include dynamic 3D capabilities.

In an increasingly competitive market, customers spend hours or even days creating CAD data every time they add a new component to a design. This includes making symbols for schematics, and footprints for PC boards, and providing purchasing data, as well as time spent finding & aligning 3D models to footprints. There is also a growing demand for 3D models of components to verify board placement.

Accelerated Designs is the first company to offer dynamic 3D vendor-neutral schematic symbols and footprints. We want to pass on our innovation and world-class CAD solutions on to EDA users all over the world.

The Ultra Librarian library tool can create vendor neutral data of each component you offer, and allow your customers to use a free download to generate data for any specific CAD/CAE tool that includes 3D models of your components.

The data sent to you customer is a single file which contains schematic data, PCB data and ordering attributes as well as 3D models that can be dynamically changed to represent the exact dimensions of the component and thereby increasing accuracy in placement.

If your customer purchases an upgraded version of the Ultra Librarian, they are able to modify the underlying formulas that create the schematic and PC board entities, and then export parts meeting their internal specs.

Accelerated Designs has experience implementing this approach, unlike any other potential vendor.

The benefit to you and your customers?

Higher engineering traffic, as your web site has unique data unavailable from other sources.

Create new customers and maintain loyalty of existing customers because of the rich content and labor savings of your component data.

Your customer benefits by having a reduced time to market as well as confidence that their component selection is perfect for their board design.

For manufacturers with existing .bxl libraries, click here.

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

Customers have complimented Microchip for providing accurate symbol and footprint models for quick turn prototyping. By using Accelerated Designs Ultra Librarian tool to generate models of all Microchip products, customers can quickly develop printed circuit board models for new designs. The available models have reduced the cycle time for new designs and increased the accuracy of first pass hardware.

Terry Cleveland – Manager, Design Architecture & Applications Engineering

Microchip Technology Inc.

Accelerated Designs provides their Ultra Librarian ( UL ) Software and Services to Texas Instruments and we have been using their tools since 2007. Their free Reader delivers critical symbol and footprint information for all Texas Instruments components on any of 11 PCB platforms and they get what they need in a few key strokes. There are many advantages from using this service but the most significant are: Data Maintenance, (Accelerated Designs automatically updates component information in their free Reader) Ease of Use, (One single file versus as many as 16 files to cover all of the various PCB Design tool formats) and Customer Personalization (The customer can modify the Part data to meet their corporate standards by upgrading the free Reader). We are very happy with our results with Accelerated Designs Ultra Librarian.

Jeff Perry, Director of WEBENCH Design Center

Texas Instruments

The BXL file concept is one that really excited RS Components, our customers use a multitude of different EDA software suites so to model each of our components in every native format would have been too prohibitive from a cost and time perspective. Working with Accelerated Designs has meant we could create a single model and automatically serve the majority of our customers. If an EDA software vendor updates their product, then we have no need to worry as Ultra Librarian is kept fully up to date. We’ve received hugely positive feedback from our customers commenting on the great savings it provides them in the time taken to create and maintain their library, but also on money spent on redesigns introduced through incorrectly generated footprints.

Mark Cundle, Head of Technical Marketing

Electrocomponents plc

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