Data and Services

We have several categories of services available to assist you in using both our library content as well as our library authoring tools.  Most of these services will be quoted at your request since time and delivery is based on what we are doing, how much of it we are doing, etc.  However, we are very involved in contract services, so feel free to contact us with your specific needs.  Below are several examples of services we are conducting regularly. We offer library customization services.  Take our 7.2 million parts and make them match your standard, or gather from them the parts you need (very few companies have a library as large as ours).  82% of our library has the ability to use 3-D STEP models. This effort might include creating new or different templates or modification to our collection of templates. We often enter library data for customers to offset the laborious effort of entering pin and functions to the exacting entry and creation of footprints.  We enter parts for customers on an individual part basis as well as entire series of parts.  We can provide these parts back in a native CAD format or in a BXL format for distribution through our Free Reader (very similar to an Adobe Acrobat distribution method). Another service we provide is software customization.  We will write specific ports to your CAD format, reports based on your library content or new capabilities or interfaces to existing company infrastructure.  This might include items such as creation of command line interfaces, processes using our API or scripting languages or template programming. We also offer custom part creation. Do you have parts that you need built in a hurry? Contact us! With our automated routines, we have the ability to deliver large quantities of parts in a short time period. Use the pricing calculator to get a quote for the parts you need – you can even order custom parts online! Manufacturers, are you looking to create a complete library of all of your parts? Look no further! In addition to our co-marketing program, we also offer complete library creation services. Contact us today to find out more about this exciting service. CAD Vendors - would you like to translate our library into your own CAD format? We offer library translation services to YOUR CAD tool! Contact us today to learn more information about our translation services.
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