Software Updating

We are very proud of our new, dynamic 3D models as well as many other features we have added in this release – but unfortunately, new capabilities come with growing pains. As such, if you accept the auto-update, you may receive a notice that you are now unlicensed, due to our more secure licensing system.   For users of the Ultra Librarian Free Reader: Please exit the Ultra Librarian program, uninstall the program and delete the directory (defaulting to C:\UltraLibrarian) that contains the program. This will remove your existing license.  Once you have removed the program, please reinstall the Ultra Librarian with the latest software available (version 7.4.XX or newer).   You may download this from  (note: you must be logged in as a registered user to be able to access the downloads page).   For users who have purchased software from Accelerated Designs: If you have purchased software within the last year or you are still up-to-date on software maintenance, you need to follow the above directions for uninstalling and reinstalling the software. You will also need to contact in order to receive a new license for your software. If you have not purchased within the last year, or your software is not covered under maintenance, we will not provide you with a new license and you should not accept the automatic update as it will not run correctly with your current license.
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