Creating modern electronic products is no easy task. It requires constant and highly efficient collaboration across multiple disciplines and domains. Managing this effectively requires a cohesive and integrated digital thread that is pervasive across your entire design process. That’s where we come in.

Helping You Achieve Your Digital Optimization Goals


Engineers can spend as much as 25% of their time searching for data needed to
complete their projects. Make this data searchable and accessible directly inside their familiar CAD environments to give them a productivity boost.


Remove surprises and uncertainty with full visibility and access to your data at all stages of the design process, allowing you to accurately predict design schedules and


Save time and money with connected systems that allow you to leverage your scale and manage projects holistically.

how we can help

design integration & automation

Data is often housed in multiple isolated silos making it difficult to connect-the-dots and build a full picture for effective optimization and management. Connecting your data silos is the first step in building an effective digital thread for your programs.

Accelerated Designs Can Help You:

  • Identify data bottlenecks and gaps (ex: compliance data for components)
  • Source missing data for you (ex: RoHS, REACH, Carbon Footprint, etc.)
  • Integrate this data into your systems (one-time or on-going)
  • Enable connections between your systems to allow free and efficient data flow
  • Data is your IP. See how we can help you best leverage it with our data integration & automation capabilities.

Change management

Erp/mrp/plm integration

Supply Chain Integration

case study

“The integration between with Arena PLM helps companies design products with fewer iterations, saving time, avoiding errors, and eliminating manual entry,” said Steve Chalgren, vice president of product management and strategy at Arena. “This allows companies to bring products to market faster, reduce prototyping and scrap, and collaborate on product changes with strategic partners across the globe.”

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Accelerated Designs will help you digitally transform and optimize your printed circuit board design process.

We provide the latest EDA software, diverse data and systems integration expertise, and the industry’s most comprehensive PCB CAD-content digital library.

to see how we can help you deliver digital transformation that drives results for your organization.